Love animals and science, hate going to parties and being around crowds and people in general. I want to add something to the discussion about “is Aspergers real”. Hi everyone, Of course I was the only one who got it correct. I have a great career, and ironically work in mental health, but so much of what i read has just made utter sense. In the middle of it all (for you two do not sound done yet) there must be the realization that this chosen life together is worth all the great trouble. Hopefully if you can realise what’s going on with you, it might at least makes some sense. The thought of siting in a room with a bunch of girly women really freaks me out. The first thing that caught my eye in this article was the facebook quote. Very difficult. Sounds just like me. I am highly educated. Tony Attwood en définit quatre : 1. What I really want to say is this. I am good when I’m rattling on about something but rarely find anyone else has much to say that I really have interest in. And besides, since the traits exist in different configurations and intensities, maybe some of you DO have a couple of traits? I just couldn’t understand why i was hidden away and different. Have always been a tomboy and hated wearing dresses. That it is ok to be different and that actually there are many girls/women like you who can help and support. the sound, she said it sounded like stimming behavior. I know it isn’t his problem, but these things are so huge to me, and I don’t believe it would be that hard for him not to do them if he would understand instead of being offended. Meltdowns & Tantrums: know the difference. It’s all wrong for me. I feel so alone even though I’m surrounded by so many people. I never thought anything of it until the age of 27 when difficulties prevented me from having a productive life. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 50 and dyslexia at 48. I think the one thing that held me back was the idea of “meltdowns.” I couldn’t recall any moments from my childhood when I had those freak out moments, the screaming and crying, lashing out etc. NTs expect Aspies to be ‘normal’ like them, to go out in the world, complete education and work just like them. I am only now (at 35) considering the possibility for myself, and even if I accept it or get diagnosed, I do not know how that knowledge would ultimately change my life. When we were done, I felt like I had possibly found a part of me that I hadn’t known was missing. x��\K���ϯ�u`&��lh��=��nr ��]r����H����� ��m��Tϯ�3|����s.�Ç�l���.�u�����?����t3���o��7?���Ǐ��㯗�~��[. I regret I went to a ‘disabled’ camp in other state and I was told that I didn’t belong there after a day or two. Twice the quality for half the price! As soon as it’s been hijacked, by several other people, I’m unable to follow and get my ‘two penny piece in’. I’ve spent a lifetime acting parts, imitating other people, and I’m only beginning to recover the real me. This article in particular relieved a great deal of my anxiety that I could never be “aspie enough”, because I like to think I’m pretty good at fitting in. No one will pay attention to us if we don’t MAKE THEM. I usually need extra help from my professors when they give me assignments and i’m not sure how to do a different type of problem with the same technique I’ve been shown in class. I am now being myself as much as possible and, in a way, re-connecting with how I was as a young child before anyone tried knocking aspergers out of me. It was after my dyslexia diagnosis in 2010, that made me look further into this as most people I’ve met with dyslexia can bluff and make things up easily, plus I was having great difficulty in work that led me to this discovery. When I was young I was downright rude and mean because I didn’t care what people thought. Used to take everyone at face value…. All rights reserved. I want to be the best she can ever have. But it is the Asperger label that seems like the biggest Aha! I have a diagnosis of atypical autism (without learning disabilities, I can drive) I do have anxiety…I Mostly need emotional support, I need to be supported by support workers that understand autism and anxiety, support workers that genuinely care, who I can trust. All the other posts sound so brave and whilst I relate to the feelings and behaviours, I can’t relate to the positivity that comes through in most of them. I fear sometimes that when/if I get tested that they will say it’s all in my head, just as two therapists have said so far. I’m not 100% sure where to go from here but will perhaps make a GP appointment soon. I am 54 and just found out about being an Aspie. I am 21 years old and it feels like I’ve seen the light for the first time, after so many years of feeling “different” and out of step with everyone around me. What are the main Asperger’s symptoms in adults? I only knew that I was always held to blame; I was always the bad guy. Thank you for this post! I was called “shy”. ?’ I’m female, around 25 years older than you and have only very recently realised my ASD problems (having 2 brothers who are affected much more than me). Plus I haven’t made new friends since my teens. I don’t think it is some “popular diagnosis” – and in fact I would say as one recently diagnosed I really don’t care about anything popular. I was in heaven. Although I could go on and state that I consistently score around the 38 mark for the online AS tests and that I answered yes to all but one on the ‘traits of female with Aspergers’. (John 8:21), <3 <3 <3 hey, i didn't read all of that yet but it sure sounds like someone really actually loves you. I can’t stand white shoes with black trousers. Initially, if you are the one who most clearly understands your own limitations and capacity, most of the ground breaking communication will have to come from you. I have started wondering if I have asperger’s. Mother not to blame as during her “era” lay the awful stigma around mental health and given her instinct to protect. Invisible disabilities make for unrealistic expectations of what that person can do… ergo judgement, treated like failure when we try so hard. Thanks again, ma’m ;). Sorry for moaning – I just feel a bit rubbish and this self diagnosis has confirmed my feelings that there’s not much hope. My son doesn’t. It’s clear why we aren’t diagnosed often. Anyway, enough… thank you so much for this website! I wept as I read it because I finally understood how much my husband of 24 years truly loves me. I am not trying to attack him when I say something about these things – I am trying to get these things to stop attacking me. won’t get you a job”…. Egos, egomaniacs, selfishness, war, ……all of that would not exist. Now that I know. Don’t be afraid of saying something like, “Look! With a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, you can find therapies and treatments to help you cope with any challenges you face and live a healthy, productive life that’s fulfilling and happy. After about half an hour he turned to me and said No, your daughter doesn’t have Aspergers. I would to ask, do your children display anything? I just did the test again and got INTJ – does that mean I’m not Aspie? I was diagnosed with mild depression. I have very low self esteem as a result of my experiences and life continues to become more difficult. Hi I’m not dishonest, but I used to get bored. I feel like an especially loving person, although there are times when I can easily turn off– usually at the end of the day when I am tired and the noise gets overwhelming. Rightly or wrongly we thought she was ot interested in u. If I know you from gym, I will NOT recognize you if we should meet at a concert somewhere. I would suggest you look at his website What the hell do I do? I think what makes us appear rude comes down to two things…one is we hate “faking” how we feel about another person. I’d like to relax and be comfortable with people I admire and enjoy without a monologue of behaviour checks clicking over in my mind. Female,28 still wandering around aimlessley… peace! I choose not to work at this time because my son is ill. I am positive. To me, my daughter is just like everyone else in that she feels different, yet, she wants to be accepted. If I should how do I go about talking about it. The more I read the more I am convinced that I have Aspergers. Selfishly perhaps, I wouldn’t change things even if I could. I can now see the struggle in her little heart and I want to go about this the correct with her future in as much of a bright light as I have always pictured. Asperger's symptoms in adults include symptoms of other autism spectrum disorders, such as limited eye contact, difficulty functioning in social situations, having a hard time reading … They make people sit up and take notice – unlike being the “good girls”, that most women are brought up to be. Now after having been in trouble with almost everyone, I know why. It’s a shame pastors’ wives are so often seen as pastor-extensions rather than individuals in their own right. My own life has been so much the richer for knowing her than surely it ever otherwise could have been. WHAT IF all us Aspergers and autistics are the normal and just fine ones in the world? My partner is also an aspie and we get on wonderfully as we both understand each others ‘triggers’ now. When I read that some people with aspergers lock themselves in bathrooms sometimes so no one sees them fall apart, I cried because I have done that a lot over the years. I was told i was a drama queen/odd/erratic/ too sensitive/ immature/ a copy cat/ nosey you name it….this shaped my mask and lead me to believe i had some sort of personality disorder growing up. I didn’t do that because I am different..! I mean, everyone is different! A week or so ago my husband just came out with the words, “I think you have aspergers” while we were debating something. God bless. Some people have low self-esteem due to how they were raised and/or treated by others, right? I have tried Binaural therapy, problem is I keep forgetting to do it. I’ve never known how to react appropriately with people. I have a gift that makes me special. (although not friend anymore) I know they will be happy to give their input. I also feel the urge to see my GP and get an official diagnosis but then I worry that it would stop me from changing jobs in the future as applications now are subject to medical questionnaires. You will learn infintely from your daughter, if you are willing to pay attention… she most definitely has great understanding and unconditional love in her soul, for you and for your past “lack of understanding” or better, awareness. I’ve never felt like I was comfortable or competent at most of the jobs I’ve taken on, which makes sense now considering that most roles were customer service / high public engagement. I am curious. Very encouraging and helpful to a spouse. There is so much more. I think you’d find many others just like you on tumblr. And figured I was better off with the devil I knew, than the devil I didn’t. I ocd when under extreme stress situations. And find ways to love and function as the best you are and can be. I can actually put a name to it. But recently I’ve been thinking about my worst moments mental health wise and I think maybe that due to social pressures and my observations of the negative reactions to this sort of behaviour I have since I was quite young internalised my meltdowns. Everything I know about what is or isn’t considered socially acceptable has been carefully cultivated through observation and imitation. I’m a private person but sometimes feel an overwhelming need to tell close people how horrendous my last year has been. What’s not to like? But me, its not that I am willing to twist my personality into a pretzel in order to “fit in,” but I am going to seek an official diagnosis because I want to understand myself better. I may have a different way of doing things than most like, but i don’t care. I am a 52 year old woman, self-diagnosed, (only recently) after spending my whole life feeling like I must be an alien because I just didn’t seem to have the proper skills to fit into this weird world of people. I never really looked into that as I was busy with other things ( fighting against my severe anorexia and then depression) and last week actually my psychologist referred me to a specialized psychiatrist who upon meeting her just once immediately suspected I had aspergers. Fun is nice but I can’t seem to do much about it. Elementary students with cell phones is ridiculous. I doubt if I could get a real diagnosis if I tried since, while everything fits, some of them fit on an internal level and others I have managed to only allow to come out when with close friends or when alone. That’s probably why I don’t have any close friends. Not everyone judges their peers based on style, looks and who they have coffee with.. At 40 years old, if your coffee friends don’t have more depth than that, they need a label! This question is for people with autism (either formally, or self-diagnosed): Have you ever accessed any form of counselling. Great for your and for your little’s heart. I’m also not very smart, terrible at math and when I talk I fumble and forget my words. I think you’re right, that communication and acceptance are key. I just always felt desperately misunderstood and that he was incredibly unfair. ?�f�bb㫦�{jb��f9,�?����OY�F�y����I��s�3>Tњ�.��>:TW��戠l8��98�����@��ؿNi���J��=mY�����\�*(�Ө��Кp�%kv�J�-!���� ;��qm��K. I feel like I want to die just to stop the horrible feeling I have. I am also a mother to a gorgeous 2 year old boy. The more I read about the characteristics of women who have it, the more I believe I fit the description. I went through a phase of feeling totally isolated and paranoid at work and to be honest there have been people who have seen my diagnosis as a green light for teasing. Let everyone know, particularly your partner and those close to you. It is a big relief. So, thank you K for your good wishes, and I wish you a splendid future, come what may. People don’t understand and its almost impossible to explain. As I just got insurance recently (I live in the USA), I’m going to find someone who may be able to diagnose me. Never in a million years did I ever want to admit that I was most likely the genetic link to all his differences. Good to read comments from other women and good to feel a little less alone. I didn’t play with other kids. male 72 yrs… dont feel so bad re lost opptys…. With learning about asperger I finally fell in love with myself and love myself million times more then then ever in my half century long life. Imagine a world with just us in it! I’m not Asp, and I don’t associate with coffee snobs. um. Thank you for your information, we feel so much better about ourselves. We don’t lack empathy, but we hate “faking” how we feel, and we’re no good at lying. I’m 28 and I’m socially stressed all the time. I’m 45 and in the process of self-diagnosing. I was in the pool with my kids! Countless melt downs, in controllable crying, confusion and frustration. I know longer feel a freak,just different. ���g�Y���BR�+��6�����~�}�~6�� ���=�Dh�dY7R��. 77 years old, just had the “aha!” moment earlier this week. It has also beeninteresting to read in some of these recent brain and gait studies that aspergers may be distinct from high functioning autism, even though the dsm currently lumps them all together. I stubbled upon it around four day ago and was shocked, truly shocked that I did not know anything about this. Sending my best wishes. Why is there such a narrow definition of “normal”? I would love to see how the genetics of this does or doesn’t connect me to all of you in some way, too. I was so pleased to find that I was happiest on my own. But they aren’t willing to lay off the singling-out, the bullying, the judgement, the expectations, to make that possible. Now I’m thinking this is due to survival. I can’t say whether your daughter-in-law is an Aspie, but I can say from your description that you can’t see what she feels, and she can’t say what she feels. I had to wait nearly 12 months for an appointment but last week I was finally told I had aspergers syndrome. This website uses a very small number of (non-advertising) cookies to provide you with the best user experience possible. It helps me to see aspergers as a “physical” thing and not just a subjective assessment based on societal norms. I can soooo relate to it! I never felt like I had the right to be on this planet. It must be difficult but you know what we live in an era where acceptance of different people is starting to change. It’s painful and yet strangely uplifting at the same time. Rock on :) and I’m going to peruse more of your content. I am the teacher who had the nerve to tell the last principle that many of the problems in our school was due to his liberal cell phone policy. Thoughts of everything from family genetics and hisorty to numbers and the need to be self emplyed. Dave: Thank you for your beautiful letter. Learn about hyperlipidemia and what you can do to manage your cholesterol levels. I am different. Diagnosis for women taking care of and being good to each other and the earth. Sometimes I think without the autism I would have been able to have formed friendships. I can ask her peers how they feel, and I bet they would give me a similar answer.. It’s a fact that every child believes they’re different and they’re being judged by everyone else! In the earlydays when she came to our house my son and her used to play card games or board games. I didn’t know how to communicate this. If you want to improve your life as an Aspie, share what you know about yourself with those close to you. I am sick of the stress being with people brings me but am working full time in a team and go to a church so its hard as I need to keep doing these things. I make a concerted effort to not judge people or make fun of them and I don’t understand why people laugh at others based on trivial things like how they dress or how they speak. I have a theory that NT people can sometimes be negative towards you because they want to live in the carefree and simple world that we live in. As it happens, things couldn’t have been any different for us, because my wife didn’t have a clue either, about what was going on. Why I never understand if someone is winding me up for a laugh. So sad when you have to sum up all your courage to try meet somebody new, like for example a tailor down the road to shorten your jeans. Thankyou for collecting so much information. It makes total sense now looking back on things. Too needy, too sensitive, too emotional, I feel too deeply, I want too much, I’m too much a little girl. I also suffer sudden bouts of severe depression where I have to be in my bedroom and hide away. I have always been very odd, never fit in except with a handful of other odd people. I'm not saying there is no severe form of autism, just that there is nothing mild about having Asperger's. Those who are successful in fitting in (even if they don’t ever feel truly accepted) find their real identities – the people they would be if they didn’t have to pretend to be someone else all the time – get blurred with the new “fake-normal” person they feel they have to be. I struggled terribly with the interaction, and was rarely invited back to the same house twice (still don’t know why), and would come away feeling terrible about myself; but because this is “what you do” as the mother of young children, I accepted each new invitation with relish, and looked forward to it as proof that I was a normal person. I spent until I was 40 trying to fit in, and it takes a huge amount of confidence to face that many years of failure. Can’t go throwing this one away, or ever taking it for granted ♥. Never try to cover up the true reasons for your distress. ;D. Oh Kathy Anon, everything you’ve said is so true, especially the bit about women being ignored, unless directly affecting men really hit the nail on the head. Like any other human being, I would rather be loved for who I am than to just be tolerated. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. When I finally said, “I think I have Aspergers,” my therapist said I was only weird b/c of anxiety. Thanks, a really great post. I’m absolutely fine with it. There is many traits of asperger just ad there are people with many other traits. I learned a long time ago that living to impress others made me unhappy! If I didn’t act right, people will start saying things, it doesn’t bother me but it bothers them, the only people in the world that love me genuinely. Would make for a fantastic article. What really hit me about this post is the line, “I’ve spent so long pretending, I’ve forgotten who I really am.” I once told a friend of mine that I should win an Oscar for my acting performance in everyday life. It is just more tricky for women to get diagnosed, so thanks for the information! I now realise it’s because women on the spectrum deal with the condition differently and do learn how to interact but never ‘feel’ it. But I have a strong sadness to replace the strangeness I used to have. When I was growing up I could barely talk to anyone. You pay great attention to detail and can focus for extended periods of time. Most of the people in my relatively small software development company landed on few squares. Also I’ve never confided about my suspicions of aspiedom to even the closest friend because I hide it so well that they wouldn’t believe me or would think I was attention seeking, which is why I find this website such a relief. The psychologist who diagnosed me explained that women are naturally more skilled at social interaction than men, and so tend to be better at overcoming and/or hiding autism-related issues, and our symptoms are often much less evident – at least on the outside. She will say all these things if she ever reads this. Most of these things don’t require any interactions with people—such a relief! I have always thought that I have to try harder and care more and be more thoughtful, but it’s no wonder I’m tired because – that’s not the truth!! I didn’t notice it at the time, but she gave me a harsh feedback of my internship. I think many other men will know exactly what you mean as well. Say! And I’m nearly 50 and I’m so over being like that. Find out more about stroke alternative treatments here. Only to discover after talking about the need to take my mask of, Aspergirl Rudy Simone was put in my path via her book and online ref’s. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 35. I always liked reading books and watching movies more than company of others anyways. Good luck on getting diagnosed. Is bare feet part of it or just one thing shared? I came upon this site after doing my ‘visitation’ on: “How can a aspie woman ask a man out in church?” :)) And, stopped by here. nor even in recent years, it was just so not me. The friends I made during childhood, I hardly ever see them. I have a child who was diagnosed with Asp at 6 years old.. Over time, she has matured and overcome many of her earlier childhood struggles. Then you have to accept yourself for who you are, and communicate to your partner what you know. I have read all of this with interest. I tend to be hypersensitive to noise and touch. One day while watching a video on children with asperger’s, There was a woman who spoke of her experiences as a child and adult it brought me to tears.. It’s a part of who you are and you should never hide it, or make excuses for it or try to to disguise it. The other thing is I’m an actor, so people think I must be an extrovert, but that isn’t me when I act. It wasn’t until seeing the criteria for female identification that I realized I was looking in a mirror (so to speak). I can’t say that it was based upon Asperger’s entirely, but I think it could have been a contributing factor. Complementary and alternative medicine may help with stroke prevention and recovery. La femme âgée d'une soixantaine d'années présentait des brûlures aux bras et à la tête à l'arrivée des secours. Hi everyone Lost in a world where i knew i had many ?’s in my head. The shows and games I like are sometimes for children. Thank you so much for your thoughtful website and comments (I read them all). I’m currently in a full time job that I am desperate to leave but have the dreaded fear that there’s nothing else out there for me that will allow me to thrive because of who I am with Aspergers. She is hilariously funny a lot of the time (I mean, in the way a stand up comedienne can be funny), perhaps because she has such a different take on things. No two people experience AS in quite the same way. We talked some more about other potential stimming behaviors of mine, and I read more on Asperger’s and it was like ok that sounds like me, that sounds like me, that sounds like my mental state as a kid. That is the truth NTs don’t like. The drawback will be a feeling of isolation from those that don’t understand you, though fortunately that is starting to change. No confidence. I live in East anglia but am not looking for a home. I’m not sure about your wife, but I start shaking and crying if I try to force myself to it for very long. My daughter has been diagnosed with ASD and ever since then I can’t help but keep thinking ‘I know I’ve got it’… It would explain most of my life. Been the case since the dawn of time. Dave, Please don’t think you have Asp if you recognize how crazy they are.. Or because you could care less what they find socially acceptable. I have never had a diagnosis, but thought it was for the best, for clarification to try and talk about an official diagnosis. I love WordPress and working with things like HTML, CSS, and coding. I immediately LOL’d, thinking “that’s me alright, always has been, even when I was a little girl”. Thank you! If the family wants to focus on my social ineptness, they can kiss my ass. You might not accomplish what you hope to accomplish, but if you try to be honest with yourself and your partner, then you can’t mess it up. Outside most people think I’m happy, sociable, conversational. My parents always found it very funny because I’d read the phone directory in bed at night (I was and always have been a dreadful sleeper). I just want to know if I have this so I can understand why I’m SO different from other people and why I have such a hard time. People I felt close to considered me emotionally distant while I felt like I talked too much and was really open. for what they are. Unfortunate enough to be IQ-intelligent and attractive meaning teachers always said bullies were ‘just jealous’. That’s besides all the “cute” little things it seems to explain, like how I loved spinning in circles as a child and why I’m a vegetarian. I was diagnosed at age 60. However, this was very helpful for me, so thank you. My husband says I have it for sure…(he is a saint sent by God),,,,, we did not get married until I was already nearly 50. while being terrified of interacting with others – especially workmates and people in church – is a regular occurrence for others in this world too. We discussed it together today and he asked me how I feel about it. He definately has a personality disorder. I’m fine as long as I’m not lonely. I hate fiction, and only read non-fiction. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have to like anyone just for the sake of them liking me. I believe myself to be an aspie, or barring that, at least on the austism spectrum. (Hey, at least I’m honest and tell them!!). In high school a teacher put a number across the entire chalk board and gave us all 1 minute to memorize it. Not so! I have had times of being made fun of wherever I happen to be at home or anywhere. The words lacking tact, intense, TMI, loud, motor mouth, intimidating, inappropriate, and asshole have been directed towards me. Remember, when you walk away from an aspie, because you find his life too hard to deal with, he doesn't have that option. What a conundrum! Asperger femme adulte diagnostic » LIRE AUSSI - Pour une meilleure inclusion des adultes autistes dans la société. Perhaps here: I love my beautiful, darling wife more than I can ever say. Basically everyday is driving me beyond Saturn and back. My goodness this is such a touchy, interesting and completely under researched subject. I have no interest in clothes or shoes. However, your diagnosis will be autism spectrum disorder. My mom and sisters were the only reason why I even bothered to act ‘normal’ in front of others, I’ve always known that my family was only trying to protect me by forcing me to act like a NT, so they are never to be blamed. They being the people I latched to so that I could have friends. ��#V����N�4��Q�dG�K�Kr����L�\Y G�P^���O����V���0b�l7�rI�r�Uy�VhO����C�3�Im�N.Lʭ:Y H�\��0��$�%�[UcP`���,#˓�Qr�u\$�u�ĂY}���I�њy�%�n@�C��*z*>"���R�QiT���?�hB�C9D�����O�s��>g�8�*�n%�T(K�'ɈE�^�'�����n�7'9����'�)a_ٕۨf��xO2X���a����Xb�_�'���J Cuz that’s how it’s been when I try to articulate my true self to others. I’m a 19 year old girl studying law by the way. How does she know me? or just that I hide it from myself? I need to develop a routine so that I do it every day. Has anyone had experience of this? There would be embarrassment all round when I’d turn up 5 minutes later packed and ready to go. Several colleagues have ‘joked’ that I’m on the spectrum and / or have ADD or ADHD but I always rejected this (and in my head) because I could function appropriately when I had to. I’ve managed to get a few girlfriends and the one I have now thinks she is an Aspie as well. For sympathy? Regards Eugenie. Thank you. Embrace the difference. My mother who i could always trust to give me ‘the right’ specific answer to the crippling ‘?’ Over and over again as couldn’t possible ask or talk to anyone else. Have had many jobs over a period of 18 years, which have involved working in offices within a clerical context. We deserve a medal. And where was she located ? As a suicide survivor I can tell you that living with a difference on the Autism spectrum makes life harder than it need be.

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