It is a process of freeing and uncovering the parts of you that are buried under expectation and adaptation. Your Aspie score: 132 of 200 I love the phrase “doggedly ploughed their own furrow” – perfect way to describe it. Not very conclusive either. But that’s the great thing about life . I didn’t hear anything and I assumed he would probably be a bit angry since he had complained about a book on compulsive hoarding I had sent him previously (my brother has this problem to a moderate degree and my dad too, though he doesn’t really recognise it as such). Oh, and making my Husband take it tonight! I have recognized my traits for several years more and more and have become even more isolated (although with a decent job, wife/kid) and harder to engage in small talk with many other issues. How horrible for a pastor’s wife. We are good at some things and some types of thinking and poor at others. I wear myself out. Thoughts? Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 56 of 200 A lot of us get trained out of certain habits growing up and that serves to camouflage some of our aspie traits to the point that they no longer exist or at least don’t seem to. But so weird unlike any autistic individuals I know. Interesting. I wasn’t aware that there was a third possible outcome. The distribution of scores between aspie and NT becomes most obvious when you look at the spiderwebs. Very true. And only about certain things. I just Googled NVLD and so many of the symptoms look deceptively similar to AS. Maybe looking for an encouraging word or two. I read “I Think I Might Be Autistic”, by the way – it strikes me as a really helpful, practical book, full of useful insights, and I read it with great interest – many thanks. Small towns are full of uneducated people who measure each other by standards that elude me, manicure over PhD … And since my life as a pastors wife I have learned to study the TLC channel systematically for How Tos, how to do better make up, how to dress for my type … because that’s what makes the people listen to my message. I find more peace and comfort being alone actually. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the “Adult Diagnosis” link at the top of the page, but there’s a post linked from that page about seeking out a professional diagnosis versus self-diagnosising and some of the issues that surround both. Hopefully I’ll now be able to learn ways to help me deal with it better though. I’m a software developer who was recruited out of college despite lacking qualifications (majored in math, didn’t learn much of it, with my reasoning abilities compensating for actually learning the content) because I was obviously talented in that area. Anyway, I just discovered all this a few months ago as well and it’s been quite interesting exploring what it means to be on the spectrum/AS. Also, I think your new obsession and your intense research into it are probably better evidence than any test score that you’re on the spectrum. It kind of makes me feel like: Besides the cool spiderweb graph which makes it really easy to see where I score… It’s putting people off. I would like to add that depending on your country and the type of evaluation, you might not get a diagnosis unless you have a problem in your day-to-day life that is related to autism. And let me tell you, in the Christian community it is so much better never to even mention your Aspergers lest you might get demons driven out of you. The host, Rob Haupt, asked some great questions and was easy to talk to. I’m a bisexual woman so you can see how that might be hard to deal with. That last category isn’t one you’ll see on any other Asperger’s test. There have been a few people here with similar results, showing both aspie and NT traits. Example: As I walk my lad to his bus I notice my other half remembered to put out the bin (trash..). Haha I am also a passionate collector of information on ANYTHING. userid or register a new userid to do this) or go directly to the simplified Reading the articles in this blog are like reading chapters of my own life. And thank you for the kind words about the book! But who’s to say. Yet, I absolutely know that it is only in recent years that I have truly begun to meltdown and feel exhausted at times; I have “managed” and “adapted” for so long in such busy environments; I teach High School Modern Languages!! . The conclusions are based on analysis of 550.000 datasets, including people, however, who took the test more than once. 2 waiting on information on getting assessed in canada(bc{vancouver island}), Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 161 of 200 My highest WAIS scores were 98th and 95th percentile (verbal reasoning and comprehension), the lowest are 1st and 5th percentile (mental arithmetic and picture completion – visual reasoning). , hi musingsofanaspie, I hope you’re well. and that that was “definitely a misdiagnosis” because I’m “gifted” instead and apparently non-normative behavior and social and sensory problems associated with giftedness aren’t to be pathologized. It could be that you have an introverted personality or are socially awkward, which accounts for your ASD score. If the aspie score is 0, that means that all (or nearly all) aspies scored 0 on that question. I’m fun like that. The way I answered it was by using a more a-typical definition of ‘usual’ as in ‘would you like your usual sir’, the one that you have all the time. and done a fair amount of research the last few days. So questions that have different answers when looked at in detail vs just knee jerk / emotional type responses should work well in screening batteries. Your analysis, especially of the gender-related aspects–feels right on to me. I don’t know what difference (if any) that makes to the total NT/AS score, but I’m guessing that it will make considerable changes to the shape of the spider web. In my country (the Netherlands) it’s one of the things they ask about first, and you can’t get diagnosed without it. It has 121 questions, and took me 9 minutes to complete. I am daily thrown into an abyss of situations I would prefer never to face, so I had to do a whole lot of growing. My husband was amused (and not at all surprised) at how opposite our spiderweb plots are. I pick at my nails, pick the skin off my lips until they bleed, scratch at my face, bounce my legs, etc. At any rate, I’m never bored with reading people’s stories because I still remember those early days and how perplexing it was. The same will be true of aspies having some qualities that are more commonly associated with NTs. i think making life less of a struggle is a great reason for seeking a professional diagnosis. I often have to print things out, and take them away from the computer to try and read/understand better, but my mind still gets quickly distracted, so much that I’ve become a great “skimmer”. It has been very interesting reading everyone’s comments and your posts. and my super star daughter who is surely an undiagnosed Aspie. Your Aspie score: 140 of 200 Quizzes always tie me up in knots though. No idea whether that’s partly refinement, and / or partly being more aware of myself. I didn’t think my problems were so serious because I’ve had a lot of physical health problems and thought that once I got well things would be better. Hmm…always suspected. Trait: ASD & NT; family-members/different persons should not reuse the same userid): Continue reading →. The neurodiversity classification can be used to give a reliable indication of autism spectrum traits prior to eventual diagnosis. for example, if my score was 0, the aspie was 0. if my score was 2, the aspie was 1.82 Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. My scores seem to have mellowed a little bit since last time I took the test: Like you said, it all starts to feel like a bit much. Once there was a problem at a family function (minor but typical things when original family members get together) I remember telling a nephew that “I’m the artsy uncle… I’m supposed to do that.” Or something to that effect. It’s great that you’ve found your niche to excel in based on your strengths! It helps solidify my suspicions that I’ve had for years upon years. It’s very calming and centering. But now that I allow myself to be the way I want to be, I’m happy. So, welcome to “Take a Test Tuesday,” a new series that will go on for as many weeks as I can continue digging up new tests to take. I haven’t taken it yet but when I do, I’ll make a new post to include all of the changes. I could get a false positive for the latter, if the question was answered badly since I talk alound, and I here ‘my own’ voice giving a running cometry of what I am doing. I didn’t understand the smooth water question – I’m not afraid of a tap, but when I read the explanation I understood. I purchased the book. I’m planning to do a write-up on the revised version this fall. Thanks for sharing. That’s more related to Aspie Quiz having been a neurodiverse test for a long time (but with highest reliability for ASD), and finally taking the consequences of this and changing the wording. . The lists of AS traits that you’ll find online can be quite stereotypical and even the AS quizzes can make it hard to know for sure if you do a particular thing, because some of the questions are presented so narrowly. While the online tests aren’t conclusive, I think taken together with your own observations of yourself and the observation of the CSW you’ve got a lot to go on. Besides a renewed obsession with The Sims, that’s about all that’s new around these parts. I’m an odd one. I had the same feeling when I first discovered blogs of people on the spectrum. Small town church = not easy for peope who are different. Anyway, sorry for rambling. I found a working memory test that I want to include as part of Take-a-Test Tuesday because I think mine is poor as well. . ( Log Out /  img][/img]. Nobody around me knows this, but it takes all of my love for God to work through it and try to look like I am not totally misplaced. Rdos has also written about how the Aspie Quiz compares to the Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ) test, which has high validity as a diagnostic instrument. Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 33 of 200 Only it was bank holiday, so collection is tomorrow. Uhhh, ooohhh, clarifying note necessary on second thought! I wanted to share my ‘spiderweb’ too. BTW, “Quarries and Corridors” mentioned way up there that he was having difficulty finding a video. Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 61 of 200 I got 163/200 neurodivergent. My neurodiverse score was 182 out of 200. I talked with my sister, who’s a Psychotherapist, and for the first time ever confided that I’m wondering about Aspergers. . Probably not, huh. I’m a 45 year old British woman who emigrated to USA 13 years ago, and after reading the last comment posted recently, I answered the questions as I am today, after many years semi-successfully learning/adopting “correct” social rules and norms. Schizophrenia requires that a number of strong criteria are met. I like the weird news. It’s by far the one I see most quoted by diagnosed aspies as well. Anyway, I just wanted to say. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Lol. over time and help us to calibrate the test (you need to login with a valid I must be feeling tentative. I understand about not feeling that you fit the stereotypes. I would say I have a healthy sexual relationship with my husband contrary to much popular belief on Autism but the kissing saliva sensory overload at times can make me feel a tad defected. I did the test and I had to do it a second time because of too many “don’t knows”. If you find yourself doing things that you thought you didn’t do, then it’s probably because knowing that others do it too has finally given you the permission to do it as well. That’s when I do have to use phrases to get through it, but I can go home and pray to God for the right thing to happen, the truth to come to light, all that. Even when I was trying to make myself act normal. Oooh I should say that I have two children – my beautiful son who is on the spectrum (officially!) I thought I had a big chance of being autistic and scored 166 aspie also it explains why I do things like this, Ive been close to killing myself because of the crashes and depression. “You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits.” I took it for my son, to the best of my ability because I am not him and some of the questions aren’t applicable to him at his age. I did the 70question one too, with similar results, but I liked this one because it had things I recognised immediately: I am little miss tippy toes, where are my arms?, I thought I had a hair fetish(!). A few scores were 2.2. My high scores fall almost exclusively on the aspie (right) side of the web and my NT family members’ are weighted toward the NT (left) side of the web, with some moderate scores on the aspie side as well. My score was 134 for aspie and 61 for nt. Now I’ve come around to “this is me, deal with it” and surprisingly that’s working out really well. Then I confided a few of my reasons for wondering about Aspergers, things I’ve never told anyone. Good quiz! Anyway, all that to say this test was needed today to remind me I do belong even if I “seem high functioning”…I don’t know if I am making sense?:). Its just that there is no really an offical thing so far to explain the many different types is quite confusing and frustrating for people like me. Il a crée l’Aspie Quiz lors d’une recherch… , Hm… I got an Aspie score of 133 with an NT score of 66… I wonder, where does the last point go…, Anyway, I’ve questioned whether or not I might be Schizoid (Got a remarkably high rating on almost all of the unofficial tests), a psychopath/sociopath (got above average, but no where near as high as the ‘real deal’), and now I’ve gotten a rather high score on this Aspie test. I’m sorry WordPress wasn’t cooperating for you. It’s difficult to test the reliability and validity of an online test because they are never a replacment for an official diagnosis by a psychologist but in my experience, the Asper Quiz is fairly accurate. Talent: 9 & 6,5. Like sensory issues, information processing, and relational behaviors. I read all of your “Adult Diagnosis” series, which has been extremely helpful. This is because of Section D in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) that lists “significant impairment” as one of the criteria for autism. Like a capital D with a crutch. It’s all extremely dubious, and it’s unfortunate that the creator’s bias meant that the test and results are polluted by the tenuous neanderthal hunting theory and we didn’t instead get questions and results about actual autistic spectrum sensory differences, which I think most of us would agree are some of the core features of being on the spectrum (and even in the DSM-5’s criteria now). All the differences. I got told that was a self esteem problem. Triathlon training is chugging along nicely – 3 weeks to go and I feel great, if a bit worn out. It may be possible to be aspie and have that cause a “false positive” on the questionnaires for schizophrenia because ASD and schizoprhenia have a lot of overlap in terms of manifestation of traits/symptoms. Many of them remain neuropsychiatrically undiagnosed. Some people find that getting a diagnosis is helpful if they need to access support services or request accommodations to make their work or school environment more comfortable. That’s great! Glad you’re finding you can relate to it. I took all the tests I could find, and always got the same kinds of results. Promise. I pray I am making the right choice to go because it would definitely shed light on things I am struggling with. As I’ve said too many times, I suspect. But to know why I have been struck off several dentists and why fellow colleagues have this sixth sense about which paperwork task is most pressing is a joyous RELIEF! The full details about the book, including submission guidelines are at Typed Words, Loud Voices. I think it’s one of our biggest strengths, even when other people might call us obsessive. The list now includes: talent, perception, communication, social, contact and attachment. The comment was once made to me by someone who knows me well(who’s credentials and knowledge of this subject I trust) that I might have aspergers. Certains s’accordent à dire qu’il est plutôt fiable et qu’il rend bien compte des traits autistiques, d’autres mettent en avant qu’il n’a pas de base scientifique et qu’il n’a pas été déployé selon une méthodologie permettant d’assurer le sérieux des résultats. I am a therapist, MA, I can work with you one on one on a deep level, but it tires me beyond anything. There are lots of stereotypes out there and most of them are both stigmatizing and way off base. If you decide to go forward, I would recommend taking a look at the adult diagnosis series (linked from the top of the page). Until I found all the Aspie blogs, I just never felt as though I fitted in anywhere, so perhaps now I can feel at least a little part of this group?

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