grand-père Gérard Reputable witness Oscar Mathes said the lift was closer to a straight-legged press. He then began touring Quebec with his family in a show they called "The Troupe Cyr". La même année, les Cyr s'établissent à Sainte-Cunégonde (Montréal), puis Comtois accouche de son premier enfant.En 1886, Comtois se retrouve au coeur d'un conflit qui oppose son mari à son ancien courtisan David Michaud, l'homme le plus fort du Canada. nous descendons tous soit des uns soit de l’autre. Winkelmuller. Some authors often credit him with holding out with one arm!!! By co-incidence on his visit to Britain, the top of the pops was a ditty entitled 'Get Your Hair Cut'...Louis must have taken the hint, as afterwards he always sported short hair. Cyr was well acquainted with the famous John L. Sullivan, being one of the few to defy Sullivan's commands to drink when he drank. Événements, groupes et personnes and more from Patrimoine immateriel In 1882 Louis married Melina (née Courtois) while Louis worked as a logger. In 1888 on 1 October at Berthierville, Quebec, he lifted 3,536 lb/1, 604 kg of pig iron for his first record in the back lift. La généalogie More power of the arm and shoulder was demonstrated by his stunt of stacking four fifty pound weights one on top of the other on his half flexed arm, balancing them whilst walking across the room. permet de faire le lien via la généalogie Il peut toutefois subsister des The highschool in his hometown of Napierville is also named after him. Cyr's dumbbells were often so unwieldy that many respectable strongmen were unable to lift them off the floor, let alone lift them over head. Daughter of Evangeliste Gilbert Comtois and Odile Comtois mon épouse) m’a Melina was born on January 10 1863, in St-Jean-DE-Matha Qc. Il acquiert sa renommée avant même que l'on tienne des registres sur son sport et avant même que l'haltérophilie ne soit intégrée aux Jeux olympiques. Vous devrez trouver toutes les combinaisons des différents cadenas (à chiffres, à lettres ou directionnels) pour réussir à en sortir. Vous aurez 1 heure pour arriver à vous évader. individus par leurs cousins (pour lesquels j’ai trouvé By 1904 Louis' health began to fail due to excessive eating and inactivity. He is most remembered for La Troupe Cyr. village natale de. Up to 6 lb of meat at one meal...a genuine gourmand, increasing weight enormously in his later years. mythologique avec Adam, Eve et le primate proconsul, ceci devrait contenter tout le monde puisque From the age of 12 Cyr worked in a lumber camp during the winters and on the family’s farm the rest of the year. Comtois demeure la compagne fidèle qui épaule son mari, jusqu'à ce qu'il décède en 1912.Elle est décédée à Saint-Jean-de-Matha le 28 octobre 1917. Cyr ne tarde pas à la rejoindre et le couple se marie en 1882. Script error: The function "getCommonsLink" does not exist. According to one of his biographers, his mother decided “he should let his hair grow, like Samson in the Bible.” She curled it regularly.[1]. Geni requires JavaScript! souhaite quant à lui mettre en valeur la mathaloise qui a épousé Louis Cyr en 1882. Vers 1889, le couple fonde un cirque qui parcourt le Canada et les États-Unis. spéculative et certaines sources certainement spéculative et certaines sources certainement Other measurements, most on the conservative side as compared to other biographers, were neck - 20 inches (51 cm), biceps - 20 inches (51 cm), forearms - 16.3 inches (41 cm), wrists - 8.2 inches (21 cm), chest (normal) - 55.2 inches (140 cm), chest expanded - 60 inches (150 cm), waist - 47.4 inches (120 cm), hips - 48.1 inches (122 cm), thighs - 28.5 inches (72 cm), knees - 17", and calves - 19.3 inches (49 cm), far short of the quoted 28", but perhaps a possible 23" later when of higher body weight. 1 1. erreurs. Cyr lifted a 218-pound (99 kg) barbell with one hand (to Michaud’s 158 pounds or 72 kg) and a weight of 2,371 pounds (1,075 kg) on his back, to his opponent’s 2,071 pounds (939 kg) to win the title of strongest man in the country.[1]. Les sources non About. [citation needed] While in Ottawa he volunteered with the police when they took deputees to round up a local gang of miscreants; they turned him away claiming he would be too slow due to his bulk. Cyr's wife, Melina, by contrast, never weighed more than 100 lb. Consisting of 18 'bulky' men. 6 6. - 131.25 lb (59.53 kg). Discovering his exceptional strength at a very young age, he impressed his fellow workers with his feats of strength. quelques générations et de remplacer certains He patrolled as a police officer between 1883–1885 in Sainte-Cunégonde, known now as Petite-Bourgogne (Little Burgundy) in Montreal. Patrimoine immobilier La ceinture Fortissimo fut remise à Louis Cyr en 1889 lors d’une cérémonie pour souligner ses exploits. The following year he and his wife returned to Lowell, hoping to capitalize on his fame there. Louis Cyr, 'The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived,' died on November 10, 1912, in Montreal, of chronic nephritis, being interred at St-Jean-De-Matha. 3 3. ------------------- Generation No. {{ media.date_translated }}. Born in Montréal (Ste-Cunégonde), Quebec, Canada on 30 Jan 1887 to Cyprien Noe LOUIS Cyr and Melina Comtois. Cyr was a big man in all ways, both heart and size, being a great trencherman, eating more than four normal men. These included: Perhaps his greatest feat occurred in 1895, when he was reported to have lifted 4,337 pounds (1,967 kg) on his back in Boston by putting 18 men on a platform and lifting them. police chief Joseph Moquin of Quebec (who could and did bent press the weight) for a modern set of York weights, thus it came into the possession of the late Bob Hoffman and Mike Dietz. PIERRE-PAUL4 CYR, JR (PIERRE-PAUL3, LOUIS2 SIRE, JEAN1) He married FRANCOISE PELLERIN october 28, 1782 in Bécancour, Nicolet, Qc. He entered a strongman competition in March 1886, at Quebec City, against the reigning Canadian strongman, David Michaud. mythologique avec. En 1883, Comtois et son mari retournent vivre quelque temps à Lowell pour améliorer leur situation financière. Melina-Adelina Cyr was born on month day 1863, at birth place, to Evangeliste Gilbert Comtois and Odile Gilbert Comtois. Mother of Emiliana Aumont (Cyr); Joseph Louis Cyr and Private. Ahnentafel/ascendance of/de Louis Cyr. Melina was born on January 10 1863, in St-Jean-DE-Matha Qc. Rechercher individus par leurs cousins (pour lesquels j’ai trouvé Cyr's calf, however, bolted one day, kicking him in his back, after which he instead began carrying a sack of grain 1⁄4 mile (0.40 km) every day, adding 2 pounds (0.91 kg) each day. Comtois y accompagne son mari. Child of PIERRE CYR and MARIE GAMACHE is: 6.i.PIERRE6 CYR, JR. ------------------- Generation No. JEAN1 SIRE, ANCETRE He married MARGUERITE RAIMBAULT in St-Eloi of Dunkerke, Flandres, FRANCE. GALLANT-GALLANT (Gallant100p100). Again his great strength brought him fame. He was portrayed by Antoine Bertrand in the 2013 biographical film Louis Cyr, l'homme le plus fort du monde., From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, Louis Cyr with wife Mélina Comtois and daughter Émiliana Cyr, Monument to Louis Cyr by Robert Pelletier in. After returning to the U.S.A. on 27 May, Cyr did his best back lift in Boston, with over 4,000 lb estimated. (exhumé à quelques km du de Miguasha (exhumé à quelques km du Elle est inhumée dans la même ville.Elle avait épousé à Saint-Jean-de-Matha, en 1882, Louis Cyr, homme fort, fils de Pierre Cyr et de Philomène Berger; puis à Verdun (Montréal), en 1917, Germain Martin. Great homage was paid by all of Canada with immense crowds attending the funeral, floral tributes coming from all over the World. Ò - Ö - Ô - Õ - Œ - Ø – (Anderson, of course, is renowned for lifting 6,270 lb. Patrimoine mobilier, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2015, Persons of National Historic Significance (Canada), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, About Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, lifting a platform on his back holding 18 men for a total of 1976 kg, lifting a 534-pound (242 kg) weight with one finger, At 19 years old, he lifted a rock from ground up to his shoulder, officially weighted at 514 pounds. He challenged the regular officers to a foot race, beating the majority, and they took him on.[1]. 4 4. Bienvenue sur la généalogie de mes petites-filles, The Geneanet family trees are powered by Geneweb 7.0. êtes sur l'arbre palissé (en ligne) Contribute. He was matched in a contest against Michaud of Quebec, who was recognized as Canada's strongest man of the time, the results being that Cyr beat him, the tests being the lifting of heavy stones, Cyr winning the match by hoisting a granite boulder weighing 480 lb (220 kg). chest normal 59 1/2" and thighs 33" with other parts to match the increase in weight, being at the time a heavier 365 lbs. antérieure à Charlemagne est probablement purement Married 16 January 1882 (Monday), Saint-Jean-de-Matha, , , Québec, Canada, to Mélina COMTOIS 1863-1917 Notes Individual Note. Melina-Adelina was baptized in 1863, at baptism place . LOUIS CYR ET MÉLINA COMTOIS, CIDRES DE ST-JEAN-DE-MATHA Trois nouveautés issues de notre belle région de Lanaudière aujourd'hui pour le plaisir des papilles! After learning of the tale, Cyr attempted to mimic the practice of legendary strongman Milo of Croton, who as a child carried a calf on his shoulders, continuing to carry it as it grew into a full-grown bull and he into a grown man. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Ahnentafel/ascendance of/de Louis Cyr. dumbbell. aged 49 years old, Ouvrier agricole, bûcheron, haltérophile, policier et athlète d'exhibition, Birth, Spouse, death: Généalogie du Québec et d'Amérique française. Louis Cyr (baptisé Cyprien-Noé Cyr, à Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville le 10 octobre 1863, et mort le 10 novembre 1912) est un célèbre homme fort canadien-français. With this superb reference, Louis joined the police, becoming for several years a genuine police officer. considérées par moi comme fiables (actes, auxquelles je renvoie dans les champs "source" sont un portrait ou un acte de d’exhumation). )[citation needed]. According to Strength & Health magazine, Hoffman, after several attempts, was able to bent press it, as did the much lighter 150 lb. A tour of the Maritimes was organized, and while it may have benefited the organizer, Cyr gained no profit financially. Cyr was born in Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville, Quebec, Canada. Traveling extensively throughout the UK he also visited Scotland, raising and carrying for a distance one of the famed Dinnie stones. Ben Weider who was privileged to family archives was even more generous giving arm size 24 inches (61 cm), forearms 19 inches (48 cm), and calves, the disputed 28 inches (71 cm), following a similar line to Jowett. Emiliana Cyr married Zenon Maxime Alexis Aumond and had 2 children. ROCHLIZ, Henry II PLANTAGENET roi d'Angleterre & Ú - Ù - Ü - Û - Ý - Ÿ– Whilst Louis' father was of average proportions, his mother was almost Amazonian, recorded as weighing 265 lb at 6' 1". Sullivan was known as The Boston Strong Boy and was very powerful, but not in Cyr's class. Il peut recensement, travaux d'historiens, travaux de Cyr le bat aisément au lever de la pierre et devient alors officiellement l'homme le plus fort du Canada.Par la suite, Comtois suit son mari dans ses tournées. His zodiac sign is Libra., See

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