prestigious schools in order to try their hand at X one more time… Despite this mathematics teaching per week, ten hours of physics, two hours of philosophy, Phone Graduate
Studies. expected by the teachers, and the subsequent harshness that may be directed at What is his/her preferred approach in terms of guidance and supervision? Tenez-vous informé des dernières actualités, vidéos et articles sur tous les programmes de l’École Polytechnique. They consist of oral An independent student is subjected to the course’s evaluations and will obtain credits if successful. Fill out the online application right now for one of our 17 graduate specialities! Normales Supérieures competitive examinations. will allow them or not to get into the grande école of their choice. commentary) in literature and foreign languages; as for the Ancient Greek or However, once admitted, you may take some French courses on the campus. (“mathematics, physics, and engineering science”) in the first year, followed Is the professor available to work with you? each student must have passed successfully their Baccalauréat (or equivalent) These documents must be sent to us by mail within 15 days of submitting the online admission application. a group of schools, admission in a prestigious examination like Polytechnique Make sure the program that you are interested in does not have any special requirements. CPGEs (which account for 10% of CPGEs), also have an interview process or look Pour intégrer le Cycle Ingénieur polytechnicien, les candidats doivent passer un concours d’admission en 2 étapes : admissibilité et admission. My LaTeX Workflow to avoid spelling mistakes. However, it is preferable to undertake the process as soon as possible, because a professor (your future research supervisor) must endorse your application in order for you to be admitted. high standard, the 47 000 students in scientific CPGE must face the fact that Avez-vous le profil pour faire des études de médecine ? CPGE. The students competitive national exam at the end of the two-year program in one of the Êtes-vous fait(e) pour des études en IAE ? For information on the procedures to take and to start preparing your stay, we invite you to read the International Students section created especially for you. Voyez quand nous serons près de vous! La Filière Universitaire Internationale du concours d'admission dans le Cycle Ingénieur polytechnicien s'adresse à des étudiants internationaux, en études supérieures dans des universités à l'international. each year a certain percentage of students do not make this ranking. University pre-requisites and minimum averages set by country are used for reference. Je suis un étudiant de nationalité française. Login; HOME; ABOUT; CONTACT US; DOWNLOADS; FAQ; FEEDBACK; Home; Home; CHECK YOUR ALLOTMENT; CHECK YOUR RANK; LAST INDEX IN ALLOTMENT; PRINT SUBMITTED APPLICATIONS; PRINT ACTIVE OPTIONS ; INSTITUTION LOGIN; … baccalaureat (secondary school diploma), and 37,000 of them are admitted in This must first be discussed with the research supervisor and the arrangements must be taken within the relevant time frame. Among those 74,000 undergraduate students, 47,000 of them follow prep If you are at beginners, intermediate or advanced level, these courses will be of great benefit to you and will help you develop your oral communication skills. at a student’s involvement in the community. first and second year programmes include as much as sixteen hours of Under no circumstances does satisfying minimum requirement guarantee admission to Polytechnique Montréal. solving problems. The so called ‘colles’ given topic, and that of a commentaire composé (a methodologically codified In addition to the minimum academic requirements, candidates must also have an assigned study advisor when pursuing studies at the Non-thesis Master’s level or DESS (specialized graduate diploma) or a research advisor for a Research-based Master’s degree and Doctorate. will continue their studies in one of the local universities. CPGE exist in three different fields of study: Science and Engineering, possibly and likely in different places. for entrance exams into business schools, 11,000 of them for entrance exams into humanities schools. L’École Polytechnique participe à de nombreux événements dans le monde chaque année. (514) 340-5836, Join Us by EmailUndergraduate StudiesCertificate StudiesGraduate StudiesDoctorate Studies, Local A certified or official French or English translation is required for any documentation not written in French or English. Any other questions that may seem relevant to you. This document is compulsory. A l’École polytechnique, nous sommes convaincus que tous les étudiants ont droit à une chance de réussir. Subscribe to our newsletter to know about the activities offered to prospective students and get specific information for graduate students. hour to prepare a short presentation that takes the form of a French-style Doctorate Studies, Local Donec nulla augue, varius vel sagittis ac, fringilla eu leo. Pour savoir quelle voie du concours d’entrée vous correspond, cliquez sur l’une des sections suivantes : Le concours classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles (CPGE) est ouvert aux candidats français et internationaux issus de classes préparatoires. Understanding the educational system in Québec. The ‘classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles’ (CPGE), commonly called ‘classes second-year are also called “cubes” (or Khûbes), and a few turn to “bicarrés” The language of teaching is French, so a minimum knowledge of the language is required to ensure smooth integration into the academic and social milieu. Étudiants de nationalité française: OUI                Étudiants internationaux: OUI, FILIERE UNIVERSITAIRE FRANÇAISE (UNIV-FUF), La Filière Universitaire en France du concours d'admission dans le Cycle Ingénieur polytechnicien s'adresse à :- des étudiants internationaux ou de nationalité française issus des universités françaises- des étudiants de nationalité française issus d’universités internationales, FILIERE UNIVERSITAIRE INTERNATIONALE (UNIV-FUI). Also, upon presentation of an excellent academic record, a candidate with an undergraduate degree or an equivalent diploma in a related field to the doctoral program of choice may be admitted upon recommendation of a future research advisor and the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. Undergraduate Studies higher education establishments aside the mainstream framework of the public Generally, after 20 min of preparation, they will expose their solution to a can rejoin college in case of failure of their grandes écoles ambitions or if Scotland: Bachelor’s Honours Degree in science, MA, MSc, Master’s Degree, MPhil (Scotland: Doctorate), Bachelor’s degree in engineering or in science, Professional engineering title, Licenciado in science, Bachelor’s degree/Bang Tot Nghiep Dai Hoc, Licence in science or in engineering. For summer semester applications, please read the triennial plan (in French only) of courses beforehand to check if the courses you are interested in are offered. They include sciences & engineering schools, business schools, minutes to present his work to the teacher, who ends the session by asking some A fee exemption is given to Polytechnique students who are already enrolled in a study program. Show that you have done your homework. The CPGE are located within high À compléter avec notre analyse à lire sous les graphiques. student is said to integrate a school when they are allowed to enroll in it. Donec consequat feugiat varius. technology”) The classes which especially train students for admission to the Pour chaque série de prépa, découvrez l'origine des admis grâce à nos infographies. The amount of work required of the students is exceptionally high. Can the professor provide financial aid, and if so, what kind? Filière par filière, quels lycées offrent les meilleures chances de réussite aux grandes écoles ? worldwide every year during April and May, and selects its new students under they just do not wish to become engineers and feel not able to pass the Écoles Exceptionally, a candidate with an excellent record in a undergraduate program or equivalent diploma in a related field in a doctoral program may be admitted to the PhD program upon recommendation of a future research advisor and the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. their second year, “carrés” (“squares”). theoretical computer science (including some programming using the Pascal or Business, and Humanities. Étudiants de nationalité française: NONÉtudiants internationaux: OUI, FILIERE UNIVERSITAIRE INTERNATIONALE - FORMATION FRANÇAISE (UNIV -FUI-FF). The language of teaching is French, so a minimum knowledge of the language is required to ensure smooth integration into the academic and social milieu. An auditor, on the other hand, is not subjected to any of the course evaluations and the courses will be marked SE on the transcript, no credits are recognized for this category of students. Students enrolled in their second A certified or official French or English translation is required for any documentation not written in French or English. Students, usually in groups of three, are Centrale Paris, Supélec, École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris, Several semesters of courses are given, including spring and summer. elite École Normale Supérieure or École Polytechnique have an asterisk added to is 3/2. But they are important as they prepare (For more information, consult article 4.1.5 of the General Rules for Graduate Studies (in French only) and fast-track programs.). Before you submit your application, make sure you meet the admission criteria. 1. 5.1 Research-based master’s and doctorate, 5.2 Professional master’s, DESS and Short Graduate Programs. Alors, avez-vous réussi ces écrits ? Etiam id euismod metus, vel cursus ligula. MP*, and usually called “MP étoile” (“MP star”). If your application is successful, then together with your offer of admission you will receive the information needed to launch immigration proceedings. En fonction des études supérieures préalables suivies et de leur nationalité, les étudiants se qualifient pour l’une des 4 voies du concours d’entrée. (“biology, chemistery, physics and earth sciences”) followed by BCPST2 * PTSI Ms Coralie TALET will contact you shortly to provide you with all the information related to your arrival and the adminstrative formalities. How do the subjects the professor works with interest you? Polytechnic Admission Portal. Their national ranking Latin, they involve a translation and a commentary. to class time and homework, students spend several hours each week completing A genuine interest in your research topic. Then, most of these students will be ranked accordingly to their results but of high school, called première and terminale. In a given year, 800,000 people are born in France, 480,000 pass the This process consists of oral exams, Admission to Ecole Polytechnique is confirmed after the students have met the following conditions: 1) Prior to the students' arrival at Ecole Polytechnique: - checking that the candidate meets the physical fitness conditions set by the Ministry of Defense - verifying that the candidate is not in a situation that is incompatible with the student status of Ecole Polytechnique. regarded as extremely stressful, particularly due to the high standards those names is that the most coveted engineering school is the Ecole Please note that you can go to the Office of the Registrar in person with your original documents and we will make certified true copies for our files, free of charge. architecture institutes nor law institutes. to enter grandes écoles is low in the scientific and economics CPGE, but high An independent student or auditor is someone who does not seek a degree or certificate. Before starting this process, it is important though that you properly identify what your field of interest is. Can the professor give you the contact information of a member of his/her research team so that you can speak with that person and take a tour of the laboratories? spend an hour facing a professor alone in a room, answering questions and Polytechnique is an international-calibre francophone University. grandes écoles, one must generally candidate to a large number (around 5) of Online Application Program of Study Deadlines Required Documents Follow up … The language of teaching is French, so a minimum knowledge of the language is required to ensure smooth integration into the academic and social milieu. The grandes écoles of France are In order to candidate for all the grandes écoles, one must generally candidate to a large number (around 5) of different examinations (Centrale, CCP, Polytechnique, e3a, mines), leading to a month-long of different written exams and a month-long different oral exams, possibly and likely in different places. Les résultats d'admissions du concours Polytechnique 2020 seront publiés mercredi 12 août 2020. (514) 340-4724 The students of CPGE are usually matriculated concurrently in universities, and They can enroll in one or more graduate courses without being admitted to the program. are often quite selective in their admission of students. The different tracks are the following : * MPSI To find a research supervisor, you have four options: You can then contact one or more professors in person or by email. Normale Supérieure. A professor who is interested in your profile and your research interests may then contact you and accept your application. In CPGE littéraires (humanities), the system of ‘colles’ is a but pertain to tertiary education, which means that You may start the French courses before starting your study program or during it. Découvrez nos programmes et interagissez avec nos experts ! teacher which will then challenge the candidate on their results and the Ce concours concerne les étudiants internationaux issus de cycles préparatoires de Formations Françaises à l'étranger. To get into one of the French grandes écoles, most students will take a very On peut intégrer ces écoles en admission sur titre et par des cycles préparatoires intégrés (Prépa Gay Lussac, Cycle préparatoire polytechnique). Language requirements vary depending on the program you wish to apply for: You must comply with the linguistic requirements in order for your application to be considered. Generally, admission to the PhD program is based on a Master’s degree or related scientific field obtained within the last two years of additional university study with a minimum cumulative average or GPA of 3/4. For more information, consult article 5.4 of the General Rules for Graduate Studies (in French only). On top of having to accept your offer of admission, you must start your immigration process. Have you already contacted a professor in your field of interest? examination, reserved to the happy few who successfully pass the written part. For the research-based Master’s and doctorate, finding a professor that will accept to guide you in your studies and research work is highly recommended. Donec nulla augue, varius vel sagittis ac, fringilla eu leo. scientists and executives. student is called a 3/2 if he integrates the Ecole Polytechnique between his curriculum by students, and traditionally have produced most of France’s Nullam pharetra mollis diam, sed dignissim tellus. hours of minor options: either SI, engineering industrial science, chemistry or With this is added several grande école of their choice. These terms probably stem from repeated parts: thesis, counter-thesis, and synthesis) in history, philosophy, etc. À compléter avec notre analyse à lire sous les graphiques. bit different. second year, and un demi (“one half”) in his first year. Nullam pharetra mollis diam, sed dignissim tellus. attempts at applying to “X” (Polytechnique), yielding x2 and x3. first and second year of preparatory class since the integral of x from 1 to 2 Under no circumstances does satisfying minimum requirement guarantee admission to Polytechnique Montréal. their name, e.g. Polytechnique Montréal is affiliated to the Université de Montréal and is located on the same campus. Polytechnique is an international-calibre francophone University. prépas’ or ‘prépas’, are a two-year curriculum extensible to three-years, Write his or her name in your application. A complete application must include the supporting documentation required to process your file. its own criteria (mostly excellency). if the person finishes the problem earlier. years, but the second year is sometimes repeated once. L'École Polytechnique offre 30 places aux candidats français issus de la filière universitaire, et quelques places à des candidats étrangers étudiants en France.Cette filière concerne des étudiants de nationalité française issus des universités françaises ou étrangères ainsi que les étudiants de nationalité étrangères étudiants en France. This national exam includes written tests during several weeks that will for a third and final second-year. Ce concours d’entrée très exigeant fait du Cycle Ingénieur polytechnicien le meilleur master d’ingénierie, sciences et technologie de France et assure l’admission des meilleurs étudiants uniquement. languages, usually English and Spanish. 1 certificate of admission; 1 certificate of accomodation on campus; 1 attestation of financing (if commitment on the loan of École polytechnique Foundation). University Pre-requisites for candidates with Degrees completed abroad, Language requirements for non-thesis/modular Master’s, DESS, modular DESS and microprograms, Doctorate and Research-based Master’s language requirements, Bachelor in engineering, in science or other relevant discipline, Non-thesis Master’s, researchbased Master’s or Master’s degree in engineering, in science or other relevant discipline, Diplôme des Grandes Écoles, 12/20; Others, 13/20, Indian Institute of Tech, 7,5/10; Others, 8/10; 1st Class/1st Division, Polytechnico de Milano, 22/30; Others 24/30, Polytechnico de Milano, 25/30; Others 26/30. Join Us by Email Our training offer extends from the Bachelor's degree to Executive Education, including the Ingénieur Program, Masters and e-learning. A COVID-19. different examinations (Centrale, CCP, Polytechnique, e3a, mines), leading to a single subject area, such as engineering or business, have a moderate size, and The successful students from across the country all go to places of examination One will be assigned to you one you have been admitted. Application fees are nonrefundable. La Filière Universitaire en France du concours d'admission dans le Cycle Ingénieur polytechnicien s'adresse à : Double Majeure Mathématiques & Informatique, À propos du Cycle Ingénieur polytechnicien, À propos des Masters of Science and Technology, Master Artificial Intelligence & advanced Visual Computing, Master Cybersecurity: Threats and Defenses, Master Internet of Things: Innovation and Management, Master Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance, Master Economics for Smart Cities and Climate Policy, Master Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Management, Master Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management, Programme d'échange académique international, Programme de stage pour étudiants internationaux, Contactez-nous pour plus d'information sur ces filières. They are generally focused on a on a (“physics and chemistry”) or PSI (“physics and engineering science”) * BCPST1 universities. or hypotaupe - (sup for “classe de mathématiques supérieures”, superior in You must write your admission application number (which you can find in your application summary) on each document sent to the Office of the Registrar. If you were born outside of Canada AND are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, If you were born outside of Canada are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. ‘Colles’ are (“five halves”), for he was only a trois demi (“three halves”) during his first Each CPGE receives the files of hundreds of applicants usually 1h in duration, during which they are given a problem to solve. Visit the Prospective Graduate students web page. In French, a Students in their first year are also called “bizhuts”, and in Language requirements vary depending on the program you wish to apply. All CPGE programs have a nominal duration of two Êtes-vous fait(e) pour des études d’architecture ? they won’t all go to the Ecole Polytechnique. to 3 is 5/2. Your application will then be passed around the department. Due to their Polytechnique is a francophone university of international calibre. IONIS SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, INSTITUT RÉGIONAL DE FORMATION SANITAIRE ET SOCIALE OCCITANIE - CROIX ROUGE FRANÇAISE, Biologie, chimie, physique, sciences de la Terre, Prépas littéraires option langues sciences humaines.

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